PCMTec Editor - DIY Enthusiast Edition - Australian Ford

PCMTec Editor Enthusiast. Designed for the DIY user who wishes to tune their vehicle only. Please ensure you have registered and are logged in before purchasing.
$330.00 (AUD) incl tax


PCMTec Editor DIY Enthusiast Edition for Australian Fords

Designed for the DIY user who wishes to tune their vehicle only.


Supports flashing and editing all BA through FGX 4.0/5.0/5.4 Falcons and Territories

  • BA Falcon 2002-2005
  • BF Falcon 2005-2008
  • FG Falcon 2008-2017
  • Territory (Petrol) 2004-2017

We include support for strategies (models) between these years, including Coyote 5.0 supercharged, EcoLPI and the XR6 Sprint. Does not include EcoBoost Falcon or Diesel Terrirory Models.



• Total 3 credits included 
• Automatic updating of the calibration templates (requires internet connection)
• Monitor (Scan) vehicle
• Calibrate BTR 4 speed and 5R55N Automatic transmissions
• Calibrate T-MAP and Boost sensors
• Tune Variable Cam Timing (VCT)
• Ability to compare tune against the factory calibration.
• Lifetime updates for the application and the calibrations
• Community support (forums)

More credits can be purchased to tune additional vehicles. 


  • Windows 10/11
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Supported J2534 OBD2 cable
  • Previous tuning experience. We do not provide tuning advice. 

We support the following J2534 OBD2 cables:

We do not support the use of eBay clones. 



This product is only available for the Ford Falcon and Territory. If you require Mustang/F150 support you require the full Global Workshop package.

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