PCMTec for Businesses



Along with end user packages, PCMTec provides special Workshop Edition software for businesses and workshops.


PCMTec Editor Workshop Edition is specifically built for workshops and businesses in mind. Taking feedback from the requirements of our customers has tailored this package to make it the most powerful Ford tuning package on the market today. The PCMTec Editor Workshop Edition carries several features over the standard retail editions.

►No limits on number of cars tuned - just pay credits as you need
►Customisable Vehicle and Addon Support – al a carte Vehicle Support
►Access to PCMTec CustomOS Toolbox (Australia and Global)*
►Ability to Tuner Lock PCMs*
►Access to the Flash Only toolset for customers
►Ability to read and populate unlicenced file from any supported car**
►Early Access to new features
►and more...

In addition, business who purchase the Workshop Edition may receive the following benefits.

►PCMTec Priority Support
►Priority Enhancement Requests
Trade Pricing for Credits^
►Eligible for Qualified Workshop Program – business listing, advertising, merchandise and more...^^
►and more...

*Tuner lock support varies by PCM hardware type. **Editing or licencing a file will require the appropriate vehicle pack to be purchased. ^Trade pricing for credits is limited to businesses with an ABN trading as a workshop, engine builder or similar - approval on application. ^^Qualified workshops must meet the criteria and apply via the form provided.

How To Buy

Anyone can purchase PCMTec Editor Workshop Edition. All transactions are handled automatically on our secure webstore. Software is available for purchase as soon as the transaction is completed. Invoices are available for download in the customer portal.

Businesses can apply for trade pricing on credits and the Qualified Workshop Program HERE to access the benefits listed above.

In addition to the software, you will need a suitable cable. Check our System Requirements to learn more.



PCMTec Editor Workshop Edition - Global
With Falcon CustomOS

Designed for workshops focusing on recent Mustangs and F150's. This pack includes vehicle support for All OEM Gasoline variants of the 6th Generation Mustang (2015-onwards) and 13th Generation F-150 (2015-onwards).

Includes 10 Credits

$3000AUD (ex GST) / Approx $2000USD (ex Taxes)



PCMTec Editor Workshop Edition - Australian Ford

With Falcon CustomOS

Designed for workshops focusing on Australian built Fords. This pack includes vehicle support for Australian Built Falcon and Territory's from 2002 until the end of production. It also includes access to the PCMTec Falcon CustomOS, which includes features like MultiTune, Flex Fuel, Launch Control and Boost-by-Gear.

Includes 10 Credits

$3000AUD (ex GST)

Credits and Licencing

All PCMTec licencing on a vehicle is undertaken via a credit system.
Credits are purchased through the webstore and are counted against your account, you can redeem credits for vechicle licences and PCMTec features.
Credit retail pricing is AUD$60(ex GST) each. Trade pricing is available via the PCMTec Qualified Workshop Program.
Each licence is unique per vehicle (VIN/SERIAL) and depending on the type of vehicle and the operation, the number of credits required varies:
A full list of supported vehicles can be found here PCMTec Vehicle Support - PCMTec. Support

Operation Details Number of Credits Required
Australian Ford
Falcon/Territory - New Vehicle License  BA/BF/FG/FGX Falcon/Territory (2002-2016) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
Falcon/Territory - ZF 6HP26 Licence Ford/ZF 6HP26 Edit & Flash Write License Inc. With PCM Licence
Australian Ford PCMTec CustomOS
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 1 Base License, Custom OS 5 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 2 Base License, Custom OS and Flex Fuel Support 7 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 3 Base License, Custom OS, Flex Fuel Support and MultiTune 10 Credits
Global Ford
Mustang (2015-2023) - New Vehicle License Mustang (2015-2023) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
F-150 (2015-2020) - New Vehicle License F-150 (2015-2020) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
All Other US Vehicles Bronco Sport 1st Gen, Ford Focus Mk3 ST/RS, Mk4 RS, Taurus 5th Gen 3 Credits
Global Ford PCMTec CustomOS
Global (FMT) CustomOS Base License, CustomOS including all supported features. 10 Credits


Add Ons Coming Soon....

More Information

For more information about PCMTec For Businesses, pre-sales support or any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.