Leading Performance Tuning Software for Australian Fords

Australian OWNED

We're proud to be Australian owned and run.

PCMTEC Editor allows you to tune cars faster, with less downtime and with more features than the competition.

PCMTec is the leading tuning package for the Australian Ford BA/BF/FG Falcon providing PCM/TCM tuning capabilities that rivals what the OEM uses.

Windows Platform

Works on all Windows 10 PCs including Tablets. System Specs

No proprietary hardware required.

We support the off the shelf J2534 OBD2 cables that you may already own.

Supported Vehicles

Ford Falcon BA/BF/FG, Territory (Petrol)
We include support for all known petrol and LPG models including supercharged Coyote 5.0 V8, 6 cylinder NA and Turbo and LPG EcoLPi.

Mustang - 6th Generation*
We include support for all known factory models including EcoBoost and V8 variants. Limited support for some performance models.

F-150 - 13th Generation*
We include support for all known gasoline models including EcoBoost and V8 variants. No Diesel Support.

*Mustang and F-150 Tuning is in pre-release and only available to select workshop customers.


PCMTEC provides the following features that are not available with any other software package:

  • Flex Fuel for E85/98 Fuels
  • Gear/Speed Based Boost Control
  • Dual Maps
  • 6-12 Second Flash Times
  • Drivetrain Protection Settings
  • Camshaft Control
  • 4000+ Parameters


No distributors to deal with, talk directly with the developers who are enthusiasts themselves. For our Workshop customers who can't wait days turn around we provide high priority support for any software related issues. We also also have a number of experienced tuners we can put you in contact with, which for a nominal fee can help guide you and diagnose tuning issues.

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New Features


Falcon Enthusiast
Falcon And Territory PCM Support
  • Access To 1500 PCM Parameters
  • Calibrate BTR 4 speed and 5R55N Automatic Transmissions
  • Calibrate T-MAP and Boost Sensors
  • Modify Fuel Injector Settings
  • Modify Boost Maps
  • Datalogging Package
Email and community Support via
PCMTec Forum & Helpdesk
$300 AUD(ex GST)
3 Credits Included
Falcon Professional
Falcon And Territory PCM Support,
All Enthusiast Features, and:
  • Access To 2500 PCM Parameters
  • Access To 550 TCM Parameters for the ZF (6HP) 6 Speed TCM Tuning.*
  • Fix Corrupted OSID/Strategy
  • Return to Stock Factory Calibration
  • VID Block Editor
  • Datalogging Package
Email and community Support via
PCMTec Forum & Helpdesk
$600 AUD(ex GST)
6 Credits Included
Falcon One Car Workshop
Falcon And Territory PCM Support,
All Professional Features, and:
  • Access To ~6100 PCM Parameters
  • Modify To ~3900 TCM Parameters*
  • Tuner Lock
  • Falcon CustomOS:
  • ●Flex Fuel
  • ●Dual Maps
  • ●Cruise Control Map Switching
  • ●Launch Control
  • ●Rolling Anti-Lag
Email and community Support via
PCMTec Forum & Helpdesk
$1,600 AUD(ex GST)
10 Credits Included

How many credits do I need?

Additional Credits are available in the webstore.

Depending on what you are doing, you will need different quantities of credits:

Operation Details Number of Credits Required
Falcon - New Vehicle License  BA/BF/FG/FGX Falcon/Territory (2002-2016) Edit & Flash Write License 3 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 1 Base License, Custom OS 5 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 2 Base License, Custom OS and Flex Fuel Support 7 Credits
Falcon CustomOS - Tier 3 Base License, Custom OS, Flex Fuel Support and MultiTune 10 Credits

ZF 6HP26 tuning is included in the base license, but can only be tuned with Professional version software. CustomOS can only be configured or tuned in One Car Workshop version software. CustomOS Tier upgrades can be performed by redeeming the credit difference between levels.


Can’t recommend this package highly enough. So easy to use and the service is amazing. Thanks guys look forward to dealing with PCMTEC in the future.

Workshop Version
Glen Kelly

Very happy with the enthusiast version editor software it's a great program it's easy to use and the support offered is excellent!

Enthusiast Version
Scott Greenslade

First time tuner, and the product is great. Have downloaded my existing factory tune, made some edits and flashed the ECU and it couldn't have been easier from a software perspective. The compare feature is great and product support has been near instantaneous. Very happy and fun times ahead!

Professional Version
Andrew Spencer

Recently purchased the enthusiast version of the software and had a few question regarding a few parts I was unsure about, hands down the best customer service I’ve had, fast responses and happy to answer any questions.

Enthusiast Version
Julian Stap

Excellent product and service. As a newby to this software, I was able to re-install correct TCM strategy into XR50T tranny module which had been corrupted by incorrect "As Built" software. Always a fast reply from knowledgeable and helpful techs.

Professional Version
Colin Bell

Purchased pcmtec software and was able to sort out idle issues among other things when two different tuners didn’t want to anymore over a two year period. I was able to correct drivability problems by using the software. Can not recommend this enough!