PCMTec Editor - Enthusiast Edition - Australian Ford

PCMTec Editor Enthusiast. Designed for the person who wishes to tune their vehicle only. Please ensure you have registered and are logged in before purchasing.
$330.00 (AUD) incl tax

Supports flashing and editing all BA through FGX 4.0/5.0/5.4 Falcons and Territories

  • BA Falcon 2002-2005
  • BF Falcon 2005-2008
  • FG Falcon 2008-2017
  • Territory (Petrol) 2004-2017

We include support for strategies (models) between these years, including Coyote 5.0 supercharged, EcoLPI and the XR6 Sprint. Does not include EcoBoost Falcon or Diesel Terrirory Models.



• Total 3 credits included ($150AUD Value)
• Automatic updating of the calibration templates (requires internet connection)
• Monitor (Scan) vehicle
• Calibrate BTR 4 speed and 5R55N Automatic transmissions
• Calibrate T-MAP and Boost sensors
• Tune Variable Cam Timing (VCT)
• Ability to compare tune against the factory calibration.
• Lifetime updates for the application and the calibrations
• Community support (forums)

More credits can be purchased to tune additional vehicles. 


  • Windows 10
  • .NET Framework 4.7.1
  • Supported J2534 OBD2 cable
  • Previous tuning experience. We do not provide tuning advice. 

We support the following J2534 OBD2 cables:

We do not support the use of eBay clones. 



This product is only available for the Ford Falcon and Territory. If you require AUS/US Mustang/F150 support you require the full workshop package.

Products specifications
Bundled Credits 1 Credit
Bundled Credits 1 Credit
Bundled Credits 1 Credit
Enthusiast Templates Enthusiast Templates
Vehicle Limit Unlimited Vehicle Limit Unlimited